Fatal Injuries to Construction Workers

Antonio G Ginting

Fatal Injuries to Construction Workers

If you work in construction, you may have heard of fatal injuries to construction workers. There are several reasons why construction workers are at risk for falling objects. Read on to discover the most common reasons and how to avoid them. One of the leading causes of fatal injuries in construction is being struck by a moving vehicle or falling object. These accidents can happen to anyone on any jobsite, and are often completely preventable. The first thing that you can do to avoid this kind of injury is to keep an eye out for signs of danger.

Falling objects

What is the most common cause of fatal injuries to construction workers? Falls are a major source of injuries to construction workers. A wrench falling from six feet will inflict minimal injury if the person falls onto it, while a one-pound tape measure could result in death if it falls 50 stories. Injuries caused by falling objects can be very serious and deadly, so it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings and avoid these situations. A fall from a height is a risky situation in every industry.

Being struck by a moving vehicle

While working on a construction site, construction workers are at risk for being struck by vehicles. They face constantly moving traffic and equipment that can pose a hazard to their safety. One in ten construction workers dies after being struck by a moving vehicle in the course of their work. During construction, vehicles and objects can fall from the sky or strike workers, causing severe injuries and sometimes fatalities. Roadside workers can also become struck by falling objects, vehicles, and logging equipment.

Being struck by a moving object

Injuries that result from being struck by moving objects are among the leading causes of death for construction workers. This can happen in a number of ways, from falling hammers or objects to trucks backing up and hoisted pipes. Here are some of the best ways to prevent this type of accident. Follow these steps to avoid being injured by moving objects. If you are in the construction industry, you should read the following resources.

Being struck by a falling object

Many accidents at work pose varying degrees of risk, and being struck by a falling object is a common workplace injury. The construction industry has a high rate of fatalities and on-the-job injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 8.4 percent of construction workers died as a result of falling objects. A worker may be struck by a falling object and suffer head trauma, neck and back injuries, or even paralysis. A worker who sustains these injuries may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but in some cases, a third party may be liable for the accident.

Caught-in and caught-between accidents

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CCRT) released a study revealing that caught-in and caught-between accidents were the leading cause of workplace fatalities in 2015. In this type of incident, the worker gets trapped between two pieces of equipment or collapsing materials. These types of accidents are particularly dangerous because they can result in severe workplace injuries, including traumatic brain injury and permanent limb damage.

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