Sony A6300 Vs A6400 A comparison of mirrorless cameras

Two cameras that are the Sony a6400 & a6300 share numerous similarities. The a6400 is an A-S-C camera, and the a6300 has an Exmor R sensor. The main difference between these two cameras is their AF performance, which is higher on the Sony a6400. The two models are not identical in appearance. The new autofocus function in the a6400 uses significantly less light.

The a6400 camera is a more recent camera, with brand new functions and features. It has a more efficient frame rate and it has a longer lifespan for batteries. Additionally, it comes with a greater ISO range and is slightly bigger. The a6400 can produce the highest quality of images. Both models are a bit similar in design, but there are several key distinctions.

The video quality is just one of the main differences between these two models. Both cameras support the exact same quality of video recording. They all support the same frame rate, resolution, and bitrate. They also have the same amount of storage and output XAVC S. The a6300 can capture 4K at 100mbps. The A6400 is able to record Full HD 1080p at 50mbps.


The a6400 does not have the 30 minutes limit for each clip and the a6300’s image stabilization can only last 2 minutes. The a6300 is equipped with an fixed f/1.8 aperture as well as a fixed shutter time for 30 secs. The OLED viewfinder of each camera measures 2.7 inches and has a magnification setting that is 0.7x. The Sony A6500 has a lot in common with the a6300, but with the only difference being the grip.

sony a6300

The A6300 has the viewfinder. The viewfinder isn’t available from the A6400. The a6400, however, doesn’t come with a viewfinder. This is an interesting aspect of a mirrorless camera, but it is not as significant as the viewfinder. The A6400 offers a wider range of focal points as well as a larger aperture. The A6400 is slower camera but is quicker in some areas.

While the cameras appear like each other, there are major difference. The A6300 has an LCD display, but the A6400 sports a touchscreen. The A6400’s display is little smaller than the a6300, but both cameras have a large number of custom buttons. There is a dial to reveal exposur and also mic hotshoes for the A6400.


Sony’s camera a6400 is much more sophisticated and has an array of choices. The Sony a6400 can be used by content creators more than traditional photographers. The size of the a6400 is similar as that of the A6300 and both models have many similarities. The a6400 has a larger screen than the A6300. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 180-degree flip-up screen. It is also compatible to work with videos in 4K.


The Sony A6400 comes with a larger sensors, but it weighs less. The A6300 is lighter and smaller than the a6400. It weighs smaller than that of the A6300. The a6400 also has the same sensors. Its battery life is better than the A6400’s, however both cameras can be capable of handling a variety of different tasks simultaneously.

Both cameras come with touchscreens, and are very user-friendly. The a6300 camera, while more affordable, it’s more expensive than the a6400. The a6500 is slightly better in video recording. The a6500 has the advantage of image stabilization. The a6300 can concentrate on objects within the EVF. Adjust the a6400 to focus on objects within the viewfinder.

The A6400 comes with a larger touchscreen. The A6300 can take 44 JPEG images as well as 107 raw images. While the A6400 can take up to 108 raw photos. The touchscreens on both cameras are fantastic The A6400 comes with the better buffer. There is no drawback to either one of them. Its capabilities are better than the other, but the a6400 costs more than the a6300.


However, while the Sony a6400’s autofocus is slower than that of the A6300 its continuous-shooting speed on the a6400’s autofocus is quicker. Both cameras are capable of capturing fast-moving objects. Both cameras come with fast lenses, which is crucial to digital cameras. The a6400 has an 2.7-inch OLED display, while the a6300 features a 3.7-inch touchscreen.

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