Cyber Ninjas are Sarasota’s link to craziest meeting of Trump presidency

It was described as the craziest meeting of Donald Trump’s pro-wrestling presidency, six combative hours of sheer conspiratorial lunacy that may help explain how millions of dollars wound up in the hands of an indiscernible Sarasota computer company named after ninjas.

The almost-fantastical summit took place inside the Oval Office on Dec. 18, according to a report by Axios. Trump was sitting at the Resolute Desk, and here’s who was assembled before him in a neat little row of election-fraud nut jobs, after they snuck in, no less:

Our new neighbor in Englewood and admitted-liar-to-the-FBI Michael Flynn; the conspiracy-obsessed Sidney Powell, a former attorney for Trump and Flynn; former CEO Patrick Byrne; and Emily Newman, an obscure former White House staffer, who, oddly enough, helps tie this together.